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dreams_to_light's Journal

Dreams brought to light
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This is a place designed for people to come in and talk about fantasy and mythical creatures. A place for believers to express their beliefs about any and every creature know to the fantastical mind. No one will judge you or criticize the way you believe or what you believe is real.

Welcome to our safe place, our refuge, our cavern. Pull up whatever makes you comfortable - a flower petal, a chair, a rock, a pillow, a cloud - and share and discuss. Don't worry, the dragons don't bite and the pixies don't pinch here.

The reason for starting this community was because I felt like there was a lack of communities for believers of all things fantastical. This includes everything from Angels to Vampires and Pixies To Demons. If people think you're crazy for believing they exist, than this is the place for you.

There are a few very simple guidlines:
*Absolutely NO name-calling, bashing, belitting or the like because of someone's beliefs.
*Artwork and stories are nice, but lets keep it to a minimum. I would like to see talking, not just picture posting.
*Please don't promote other communties or the like here. This isn't the place.
*Stay on topic as much as possible, but lets be friendly too.

So, please, tell us a little about yourself and why you stopped in. Hope everyone sticks around and enjoys the scenery.